Prims…Alphas….WTF?! And Ever The Late Starter!

So, I’d been meaning to write this blog for a long time, but in all honesty, I had no real idea of what I wanted to talk about. There are so many interesting things that you can find on Second Life nowadays and everybody else seems to always get there before I do anyway, so what sort of input could I possibly contribute that others haven’t?

Well, to be fair, I suppose I am very much of a noob by today’s standards. I was very much an ‘SL Oldie’ who remembers only too well what it means to literally be covered in prims. Some of you may be desperately trying to block out the images of those highlighted blocks around your feet, depending on what kind of shoes you were wearing – the same goes for hair!

Okay, okay. I’ll stop the torture. But I remind you of these times simply because that’s where my train of thought was when I returned to Second Life after a four year break. And, boy, did I get the biggest wake up call ever!


What in the Hell was an alpha??? And what was it doing in my inventory??? It took far longer than it should have done for me to realise that I’d made the biggest mistake of my life by deleting every single one of them…..

aestheticpackage_enzoSo, as time went on, I clumsily stumbled from purchase to purchase (bad ones!) of new skins, shapes, full avatars, and clothing until I finally came to the conclusion that I was going to need a little bit of help from someone who had not fled the SL scene for a four year period. And for the first time ever, luck was on my side and I was introduced to the Niramyth Aesthetic Enzo Package 1.0 by Niramyth Productions which only set me back L$2,799. And well worth the Lindens!

I had wanted this big, muscly physique my entire life (not just in SL!) and I’d finally got it (unfortunately, ONLY in SL). So I was learning about alphas layers but not quite how to buy clothes to fit….I spent a lot of money buying all the wrong outfits which didn’t fit, which, in turn, frustrated me to no end. Again, in came the experts and suddenly I found an entire wardrobe which fit me like a glove. Naturally, I was back out exploring SL and strutting my stuff with my new look in the hopes that my new-found wisdom would impress someone.

As I’m the last to find out about these things, it didn’t and I found myself oggling at others and being in a constant state of awe of how they managed to look so good.

Though I didn’t feel as though I was back to square one just yet. I wasn’t overly keen on the head that my new body came with and after several hours of bitching and whining, someone guided me through the steps of keeping my personally customised SL head. Ah, the many hours it took!

Getting Warmer!

Regardless, I was incredibly happy with the outcome and ended up keeping this look for a very long time; almost two years to be exact. And it never occurred to me to consider updating my appearance at any time as for once, I felt extremely comfortable. To me, this is what mattered and it showed in my gameplay and how I spoke to others.

I’m someone who suffers with anxiety in RL and meeting new people is always a daunting experience, however, due to my confidence in my character, this took a good amount of weight off of my shoulders and I was able to make new friends. In fact, I began visiting sims alone and talking to people who were already well established in their groups. I was able to comfortably join them in their conversations and witty banter.

And more to the point, it was in this form that I met my now wife in SL. A cheeky inbox complimenting me on my avatar was where it all began. We instantly connected and today, I couldn’t be more happier. And what’s more, her knowledge of decorating, landscaping, photography and avatar modification has definitely rubbed off on me!

I have since upgraded my avatar which I shall soon blog about; too much of a good thing and all that lot! In the meantime, I shall ponder over the differences between back in the day and now and hopefully include some informative (as much as the late developer can!) anecdotes on learning, growing, and simply being in Second Life today.



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