Love, HUDs, & Other Drugs…(Pt. 2)


After several months of dating the wrong women and colliding with a few rather unsavoury characters, I given up on anything romantic and went in search of a surrogate. However, the many places that I visited that supposedly offered anything of the sort were beyond seedy and environments that I couldn’t stomach. I’m sure they are preferable for those looking for a bit of fun as opposed to the realism that I was seeking. But I continued on and it was my impatience and persistence that paid off. And I found something that I never expected.

As I teleported onto land, I found a group of people standing and chatting with one another. Despite my nerves kicking in and the urge to leave as quickly as possible, I found my confidence to attempt to join in the conversation. Luckily, they greeted me and I stayed for a while, getting involved with their jokes and discussing.

Onesie Cuddles - Willa & Emmett.png

But I found my gaze veering off to a particular avatar who was seemingly quiet as she stood amongst the group. She was absolutely stunning and although I seriously wanted to talk to her, I had no idea how to. Amidst my panicked thoughts of how to talk to her directly, my IMs lit up with friend requests and a few messages. As I accepted and read them all, I came across one which complimented me on my avatar with a sideways winky face. It took me the longest time to process the fact that this message had come from the hottie that I had been staring at for the last hour. I was so nervous in even trying to pluck up the courage to talk to her that I was amazed that I could hold a conversation at all!

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But talking to her was so easy! I felt like I’d known her for years. We had so much in common; our interests, our sense of humour, and even opinions on more serious topics. What I found with her over a VERY short time was so much more than I had ever had in previous relationships, RL and SL, that had had a far longer span. I couldn’t help but wonder where she had been, where she had come from, and how on Earth had we never met before. I was deliriously happy and I pushed those questions aside because they didn’t matter. I was simply grateful to know her at all, let alone the fact that she wanted to be in a relationship with me. She completely swept me off my feet and I knew very early on that she was The One. Everything just felt so right. I can’t even begin to explain it.

Regardless, things were moving along quite swiftly and there was a state of absolute contentment within our relationship. But you can imagine my sheer excitement when we realised that we both wanted the exact same things; a relationship, marriage, kids – the works. And this is when she told me that she wanted to be a Mommy so bad that she had pretty much doing the same thing that I had being doing. She had been looking for someone to father a child to her if a relationship wasn’t available. I had been looking for a surrogate. So when she told me that she could possibly be pregnant, I offered to find out for her using my Mama Allpa fertility HUD. The moment I added it and she accepted to be scanned, the answer was clear; ‘Pregnant & carrying 1’.


I’m not going to lie, I felt a stab of jealousy that another guy was lucky enough to be the father of her child. I was well and truly in love with her and I wished I could have given her that, but the feeling quickly passed as this is what she’d always wanted; her dream had come true. I was sincerely nothing but happy for her and to see how incredibly excited she was was what I wanted for her; I wanted her dreams to come true more than anything. She meant everything to me, as did her happiness.

My worries of where I would fit into this equation were dissolved as quickly as they formed when she took me aside one night and ask if I would consider to be her child’s father. Behind the screen and keyboard, I sat, deeply moved and in tears. I didn’t even have to think twice and I jumped at the chance before she even managed to explain that she would understand if I needed to think about it. I had grown to understand that being a father was so much more than what I’d initially had mapped out in my head and it had taken for her to show me that. All that mattered is that I was there for her and the baby and did the best that I could in giving them both love, care, and support through the good times and bad; the promise to be there forever. And she had just offered all of my dreams to me so willingly on a plate.

I had never expected to have been so lucky to have fallen in love with an amazing woman AND have the opportunity to be a father. Of course, I made that promise to her and furthermore, I knew she was the one I wanted to marry. I proposed to her so nervously, so worried that she might have thought it was too soon, but beyond all my hopes, she accepted. I handed her the ring that I’d bought from JCNY that I’d also had engraved for her and beamed with pride when she set it all up for herself to wear straight away (while of course, matching with her outfit!) She even went ahead and made a pick of us.


So, who knew what the future would bring for us, but what I did know is that I had found an incredible person without whom my life would be incomplete on this adventure.


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