Nothing Lasts Forever

This is nothing more than a side not to explain that my marriage ended. The details are inconsequential and I don’t see the need in giving it any big deal of blog space. What happened between us is between us.

I miss the kids but I was always going to. It breaks my heart that I’m soon to be without them. I may write about my daughter, Scarlett in particular. Tomorrow may be the last time I get to hold her or see her before I send her back to her mother. I promised her a daughter. I’m keeping that promise. I’m not going to take that away from her.

I’m not going to delete the posts I made prior to this one; for me it was real and I’m not going to deny the past – it happened. Maybe it will serve as a lesson for some obscure and distant future. Am I bitter? No. Just shocked. I’m not going to dwell on things. Life is to be enjoyed; both SL and RL and that’s just what I’m doing.

Just know that I’m doing fine and that I’m returning to the many different things that make me happy in SL. So you may catch me in a few different clubs, stores… You may even find me at a wrestling match or an ABC auction or two. 😉 But most of all, you will find me with family. ♥

Until next time.



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